My Story

At 25 I found myself unexpectantly single and faced with a lot of life changes – as if 25 wasn’t enough of a transitional age of its own. Realizing, all of my closest friends were (and are) married, engaged, or shopping for rings, I found myself on another path. A path of re-defining my independence while working away at this ever-growing bucket list of mine which is full of ridiculous adventures, continent hopping, conquering the world, and a hope to find that never-dying-fairy-tale-love along the way. Not ambitious at all.

A couple years later and my life still may not ever go as I plan it, but I know in the whole scheme of things there’s a purpose and my goal is to enjoy each moment along the way. I’ve learned a lot over the years, but the most significant is that life doesn’t have to be like coloring within the lines. The most exciting parts of my life have been when I’ve taken a risk and explored beyond the edge of expectation and done things a little different than what’s set in front of me.

Join me as I share my take on life, love, and the re-definition of my independence. Remember, everything happens for a reason… So let’s get to this bucket list!

9 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing it with me.
    You can check 2 things off your list
    – be asked to speak about social media at a conference, check
    & make a difference, check, check. You inspire so many of us everyday.
    – you are so brave and have such clarity about what you want. Hold onto that. = )

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with goals/bucket list of things to conquer….just the fact you’ve created one for yourself is far more than what many people have done for themselves. Kudos to you for working towards completing those items on your list and thanks for allowing the rest of us to follow along. Keep up the goal getting attitude and looking forward to following your blog!

    • Thanks! I appreciate your insight and hope you’ll continue to read and give me feedback as I go along. I’m happy that I can have such an opportunity to share my adventures. I look forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Hmmm, single, mid-twenties, watching friends get married and engaged while I meander slowly towards spinsterhood? We may have some stuff in common, miss! Following! :)

    • Haha, I agree… I tried to follow your blog, but it wouldn’t let me. I added it to my Google reader though. Love your posts!

  4. Don’t give up on any of your dreams…but remember, sometimes it is good just to dream. You are a child after your mama’s heart! Don’t ever settle….you will find that fairy tale love….you deserve to be the center of someone’s world. Just remember, any good relationship is 100/100…simply enjoy the beauty that surrounds you…enjoy your life and happiness will come to you…but don’t get lost just chasing rainbows. Thank you for including me in the dream that I put on hold….Safe travels. Love you!

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